Thursday, September 20, 2012

Henry Maiben: Song

I stumbled across this song entitled Reformation written by my 3rd great grandfather Henry Maiben.  It appeared in the Deseret News on December 31st, 1856.  The article says it was sung in a meeting of the "37th Quorum" on December 6th, 1856.

The song is sung to the tune of "Paddy Miles" (which I am not familiar with.)

Here are the words:

Oh! now is the time for us all to be proving
  Ourselves and determine to whom we belong -
Whether God or the Devil our spirit is moving,
  And which we desire, to do right or do wrong:
For the hour is approaching when those who've neglected
  To weigh up themselves, will by others be weighed
In a balance by which ev'ry fault is detected
  And even the thoughts of the heart are displayed.


Then - let's wake from our slumbers,
And rise up in numbers,
And prove that we're servants and saints of the Lord!

The word has gone forth that it is the intention
  Of those who now lead us this people to prove,
And where they discover the seeds of dissention,
  To take proper measures the cause to remove -
That is, they've resolved on a grand revolution
  In moral, as well as religious complaints;
And mean to eradicate sin and pollution
  And sinners themselves from the midst of the Saints

'Tis surely no fable our teachers are telling -
  The time has arrived when the Saints must be pure;
Not only each person, but even each dwelling
  Must really be clear, or it cannot endure:
Then woe to all those who love filth and corruption,
  Whose thoughts and desires and to evil inclined;
But joy and rejoicing without interruption,
  All lovers of truth will eventually find.

Yet still there is mercy for those who have faltered,
  If they will give proof of their honest intent,
That what has been wrong in their lives shall be altered -
  Confess all their faults and sincerely repent;
To make them feel free, they will be permitted
  To enter the font and be baptized again,
Whereby they may have all their past sins remitted,
  Unless blood in needed to take out the stain.

Then who is so foolish as not to take warning,
  While mercy's extended to those who repent?
'Twould be worse than madness for us to be scorning
  The counsel which for our salvation is sent.
Oh! let us then come to a fixed resolution,
  No matter what may be to us the expense,
Wherein we have wronged to make full restitution
  And live our religion in every sense.

Henry Maiben
G.S.L. City, Nov, 20, 1856

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